Symbolism was a part of every decision I made for this branding. Blocus alludes to a historical typeface, perhaps one similar to the writing of the Constitution. I utliized this typeface in an ironic way as the conference's main logo, suggesting that history has failed people of color and moving forward there should be change. The GlyphWorld typefaces help to create an uncomfortable sense of modernizaion and technological advancement. 
The app would serve as a future informational platform for people to connect on after the conference. The hashtag #BLACKISTECH would be a continuous way for attendees and speakers to spread the word virally. The blue circle gradient button at the top would serve as a drop down menu with all the features listed. 
Every virtual visitor of this conference will receive a tote with various items inside. All of the objects aim to bridge the realm between the physical and technological world. I approached these items as a campaign, in hopes that conference attendnees will continue to carry the conversations on long after the event is over. Their masks, t-shirts, and tote will appear publicly when they wear it, stirring conversation and an opportunity to share the hastag #BLACKISTECH. The tape and stickers are meant to be stuck everywhere and anywhere, similar to guerilla marketing.
The last item within the tote is a disposable camera with filters. This camera's purpose is to engage the user in an activity, while the filters provoke the user to question themselves and their own identity in this tech world. The first filter is a red hue that creates a sense that something is wrong or off in the environment, while the second filter is a frame made up of various ambiguous questions. The beautiful thing about film is that it's always unexpected and never fails to surprise the user.
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