The Type Two often overextends themselves. If twos aren’t careful, their good traits can suddenly be used against them. I used to word “too” as a play on the word Type Two. Twos are often “too compassionate, too sincere, too loving, too empathetic, too sensitive. This can be seen as a positive thing because they are giving traits! From these traits, I created a set of characters that I wanted to focus on. The green blob has their arms extended as to give a hug, or offer help. The yellow blob is simple and to the point but also appears kind. The red blob is obviously a symbol of unconditional love. The blue blob can shift or become effected by their close tendencies to have deep empathy. And the purple blob is light, soft, and bouncy due to their sensitive nature.
Here are the final word marks I created are above. I used the typeface “Henry” because I feel like it is approachable. The top word mark reiterates the “too” 2 of the over giving traits. The blurred effect in the 2 parenthesis symbolizes how this type can retreat or try to pull back when they feel underappreiacted. The bottom word mark includes the green blob because they are the main character and the trait I wanted to highlight. It is friendly and simple.
After I created each character, I decided each one needed their own collectible trading card! Each card features the strengths and weaknesses of each character’s trait, and what they need to maintain to move towards growth.
Lastly I thought they were too cute to not make stickers out of! These stickers can be stuck on the trading cards or given to a friend because Type Twos' love to give!
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